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Week 10 Blog – REST API

For this week, I am going to cover another type of “new material” that I have learned within my software design class. This “new material” is known as the REST API. As per usual within my blogs, I always try to find some connection to a past experience or previously learned material; for REST APIs,Continue reading “Week 10 Blog – REST API”

Week 11 Blog – ZERO vs. NULL: How to Tell When “Nothing (is Right) and When Nothing (is Wrong)

In my previous entries, I have been taking topics (such as REST APIs, coding smells, and so on) and merely providing general applications of the subject. This is not to say that the posts are simply summaries; rather, they provide a little bit of coverage on a lot of ideas within the subject. This time,Continue reading “Week 11 Blog – ZERO vs. NULL: How to Tell When “Nothing (is Right) and When Nothing (is Wrong)”

Git Gud Skrub

So I’m going to have to be honest with my readers, and also I’m going out on a limb here: I am not the most experienced with Git. This is especially detrimental when I am taking a course that requires regular usage of Git, and that course is a limited time offer. What am IContinue reading “Git Gud Skrub”

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