CS-448 Set-Up Task 3 (LibreFoodPantry Introduction)

In order to prepare for my Software Development Capstone project, I must be aware of my client (that is, who my group will be creating software for). This client is known as “LibreFoodPantry” – a system of various University-based food pantries, combined through their goal of using computer software to make this mission more efficient.

One aspect of LibreFoodPantry that I found particularly interesting was the status of the program. Apparently, “no software has been deployed to a client as of yet”. I had decided to focus on this aspect of the pantry (and subsequently write about it) as it performs a dual effect on me. Not only does it relieve me of the guilt that I may not bring the best software to the project, but it also excites me with the opportunity to be a “pioneer”; I will lead the way with my own codes and ideas.

Published by Mike Morley (mpekim)

Current student at WSU. Knowledgeable of C/C++, Java and Python. Always interested in learning the basics of as many languages as possible.

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