CS-448 Set-Up Task 4 (Thea’s Pantry Introduction)

Another aspect of preparation for my Software Development Capstone project is to become familiar with Thea’s Pantry. Thea’s Pantry is a section of LibreFoodPantry that is being worked on by the staff and students of Worcester State University.

One important takeaway from this pantry’s data is that most, if not all, of the pantry’s technology is familiar to me; from OpenAPI and VUE to MongoDB and Docker, these technological tools have all been used by me in a previous class at Worcester State. I chose to write this down due to the fact that I find it nice that the flow of knowledge seems to be “continuous” as opposed to “discrete”. By this, I mean that aspects of one class are used in others, instead of being dropped entirely once the semester ends.

Published by Mike Morley (mpekim)

Current student at WSU. Knowledgeable of C/C++, Java and Python. Always interested in learning the basics of as many languages as possible.

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