Code, Run, Break, Repeat.

Upon reading the first line of “Breakable Toys”, I knew I was in for a pattern that I could connect to. Often, my behavior can be related to a “bull in a china shop”; while not outwardly malicious, my clumsy nature with unfamiliar material can often lead to mishaps and damages. This is where theContinue reading “Code, Run, Break, Repeat.”

No Stranger To Shame

I think it’s a fair statement to say that anyone who has ever seen me fail, knows that I have often failed spectacularly. Failures of mine come with embarrassment, enigmatic errors and explosions as far as the eye can see. Long story short: I’m no stranger to shame. Due to my experience with failure (andContinue reading “No Stranger To Shame”

At Least They Have the Spirit

PREVIOUSLY ON MPEKIM.CODE… So far, we have come to the conclusion that it is okay to not know everything. It is also alright to even be “the weakest link” of a team. What matters the most is the enthusiasm, the drive to learn more about our projects and programs. For Apprenticeship Patterns, this means thatContinue reading “At Least They Have the Spirit”

CS-448 Set-Up Task 4 (Thea’s Pantry Introduction)

Another aspect of preparation for my Software Development Capstone project is to become familiar with Thea’s Pantry. Thea’s Pantry is a section of LibreFoodPantry that is being worked on by the staff and students of Worcester State University. One important takeaway from this pantry’s data is that most, if not all, of the pantry’s technologyContinue reading “CS-448 Set-Up Task 4 (Thea’s Pantry Introduction)”

CS-448 Set-Up Task 3 (LibreFoodPantry Introduction)

In order to prepare for my Software Development Capstone project, I must be aware of my client (that is, who my group will be creating software for). This client is known as “LibreFoodPantry” – a system of various University-based food pantries, combined through their goal of using computer software to make this mission more efficient.Continue reading “CS-448 Set-Up Task 3 (LibreFoodPantry Introduction)”

Week 10 Blog – REST API

For this week, I am going to cover another type of “new material” that I have learned within my software design class. This “new material” is known as the REST API. As per usual within my blogs, I always try to find some connection to a past experience or previously learned material; for REST APIs,Continue reading “Week 10 Blog – REST API”

Week 11 Blog – ZERO vs. NULL: How to Tell When “Nothing (is Right) and When Nothing (is Wrong)

In my previous entries, I have been taking topics (such as REST APIs, coding smells, and so on) and merely providing general applications of the subject. This is not to say that the posts are simply summaries; rather, they provide a little bit of coverage on a lot of ideas within the subject. This time,Continue reading “Week 11 Blog – ZERO vs. NULL: How to Tell When “Nothing (is Right) and When Nothing (is Wrong)”

YAML (You Always Make Logs)

While working with YAML files is a relatively new concept for me, I must say that the structure is somewhat similar to another style of coding I am more familiar with: CSS. The two are not exactly the same, however the “key: value” format makes coding with YAML files that much easier. As noted laterContinue reading “YAML (You Always Make Logs)”