One More Sprint (CS-448 Sprint Retrospective Blog 3)

INTRODUCTION: As the final Sprint of my team’s Software Development Capstone project introduces its conclusion, I feel as though it is a good time to reflect on the results of this sprint. Going further, some aspects of this blog (specifically the conclusion) will involve reflection of the project in its entirety. To start, I believeContinue reading “One More Sprint (CS-448 Sprint Retrospective Blog 3)”

Just Gotta Keep Sprinting… (Sprint Retrospective Blog 2)

INTRODUCTION: Compared to the first sprint, “Sprint 2” has gone better in some ways. However, in other ways. we definitely have dropped in performance a bit. It’s no one’s fault; part of working within these sprints is figuring out what needs to get done now, and what can be done later.POSTIVE FACTORS: Here are theContinue reading “Just Gotta Keep Sprinting… (Sprint Retrospective Blog 2)”

CS-448 AP Blog 9 (Read Constantly) – Reading Faster Prevents Coding Disaster

When you have read deep enough into “Apprenticeship Patterns” as much as I have, you start to notice a key feature of the book: many of the practices found within it are pre-requisites or co-requisites to other practices. Similar to a tech-tree structure found in a video game, proper software programming practices go hand-in-hand –Continue reading “CS-448 AP Blog 9 (Read Constantly) – Reading Faster Prevents Coding Disaster”

If At First You Don’t Succeed… Sprint, Sprint Again! (Sprint 1 Retrospective)

INTRODUCTION: Looking back on this sprint, I can say that our group has performed quite well. better than expected, honestly. Perhaps I have an irrational fear of “events always going haywire”, but at least this phobia keeps me well aware of the situation (“on my toes”, you might say). Considering the activity found on ourContinue reading “If At First You Don’t Succeed… Sprint, Sprint Again! (Sprint 1 Retrospective)”

A Constant State of “Update”(ing): Using Apprenticeship Patterns to Become a Master Programmer

“Apprenticeship Patterns: Guidance for the Aspiring Software Craftsman” has been considered to be an acclaimed read by many of my fellow students. After giving the book a try, I can also see why it is such a big hit. In essence, this book speaks to programmers on a “relatable, spiritual” level on how to turnContinue reading “A Constant State of “Update”(ing): Using Apprenticeship Patterns to Become a Master Programmer”

Honesty is the Best Policy.

“It is better to be honest about your skills and fail to land a job, than it is to lie and put yourself in a situation that’s over your head.” – Someone, probably. That quote, while partially meant as a joke, does have some truth behind it. Unfortunately, in this world of ever-increasing job requirements,Continue reading “Honesty is the Best Policy.”

One Step Backward, Two Steps Forward

“You have to spend money to make money.” – Peter Griffin (Family Guy) This quote is probably one of the most familiar antitheses to the idea of “one step forward and two steps back”. Alongside this week’s reading of “Apprenticeship Patterns”, we are going to figure out how retreating into our competent “safe zones” canContinue reading “One Step Backward, Two Steps Forward”

Practice, Practice, Practice

People have always asked me: “why are you so smart?”. Well, the truth is: my intelligence and my memory are a result of the same process that leads to world-famous athletes – we practice, practice, practice. I study academically during my semesters, and I study recreationally during my vacations; a true thirst for knowledge alwaysContinue reading “Practice, Practice, Practice”

‘C’ is For Coding; That’s Good Enough For Me

If you haven’t noticed already, there seems to be a trend of various coding practices that I tend to agree with. This is not merely a case of “kissing up” to the professionals, but rather it is the fact that I know I have been taught from the ground up by well-respected individuals. Many ofContinue reading “‘C’ is For Coding; That’s Good Enough For Me”

Started From the Bottom, and It Only Goes Uphill From Here: How “Being the Worst” Is the Best Place to Be

It seems as though across several different environments, people have come to an agreement that “being at the bottom” actually isn’t as bad as one may make it seem. Rap music often makes references to “starting at the bottom” and “creating a grind for the paper”; Harvard University, despite its reputation for requiring high GPAContinue reading “Started From the Bottom, and It Only Goes Uphill From Here: How “Being the Worst” Is the Best Place to Be”