One Step Backward, Two Steps Forward

“You have to spend money to make money.” – Peter Griffin (Family Guy) This quote is probably one of the most familiar antitheses to the idea of “one step forward and two steps back”. Alongside this week’s reading of “Apprenticeship Patterns”, we are going to figure out how retreating into our competent “safe zones” canContinue reading “One Step Backward, Two Steps Forward”

Just Another Scripting Saying

Ever since the beginning of my programming career, I have had a plethora of professors provide several sayings that were helpful to becoming a better software engineer. One particular saying was acquired only a few weeks ago, during my Software Construction course. The saying goes: “YAGNI”, or when extended beyond the acronym: “(Y)ou (A)in’t (G)onnaContinue reading “Just Another Scripting Saying”